After briefly seeing our friends Annie and Michael in Louisville for their wedding party, we planned to meet them for a bit longer in Philadelphia. We had planned an East Coast trip to see my family in NYC for Thanksgiving, so adding one more city to the itinerary was pretty easy.

Annie and Michael live a few hours away, in Baltimore, and for some reason travel to Philly often enough to know all the spots worth going to. Here we were walking through the garden of the Benjamin Franklin Museum.

I found the steel frames representing long-ago demolished buildings to be an interesting way to display history in what otherwise would be an empty courtyard. Similar “ghost” frames are sprinkled throughout downtown.

Reading Terminal felt a little bit less touristy than Chelsea Market in NYC or the Ferry Building in SF. I had never really thought about this, but every big city has one of these - Quincy Market in Boston and Pike Place Market in Seattle come to mind.

Of course, we had cheesesteaks. They were underwhelming.

We had a few drinks at a bar called Tattooed Mom. I liked the vibe.


"Good things happen in Philadelphia."

After brunch, we walked around a bit and went to the Museum of the American Revolution. I enjoyed it more than I expected to. Now I want to read even more US history.


After a weekend that felt too short, we got on a bus and drove away to NYC.

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