Louisville, Kentucky & Washington DC

As part of the post-COVID wedding marathon, we flew to Louisville and DC back to back.

We stayed in NuLu, a small neighborhood with coffee shops and quirky shops. It was a car-scale not very dense area, and the neighborhood-y part was really a 2-3 block stretch.

We had brunch at this biscuits place, and only after having ordered did we realize that eating indoors in a place where vaccination rates are relatively low was probably kind of stupid. The food was good, at least.

The downtown area is a mix of old buildings like this one and more modern office towers. It was pretty empty, and reminded me a bit of Cleveland. It screamed premium mediocre.

Across the bridge, it’s Indiana.

A week later, it was time for another wedding. This one was near DC.

The White House was as underwhelming as expected. “Stop hating each other because you disagree” seems like good politics, though.

The monuments are pretty impressive. I had been there once when I was 12, and remembered little else about the trip. The Mall is nice, but there’s a lot more than memorials that make visiting DC worthwhile.

I really liked the architecture of the Museum of the American Indian.

We accidentally ended up taking the stairs to the wrong spot in our hotel. At least the light fixtures were cool.

I got to catch up with Mark. The glare on this shot is bad, but I couldn’t edit it out.

We stayed in Adams Morgan. The streets were pretty lively around us.

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