One of my friends had a birthday party in Sausalito this past weekend, so we took the ferry and enjoyed the sun. You’ll find lots of blue in the pictures below.

We left from the Ferry Building, so we looked around the farmers’ market.

Happy accident. Wasn’t expecting anyone to stand still.

No matter how many times I see this guy, I am always surprised by the absurdity.

Hannah made a friend. I think she liked the three dogs at the party more than any of the people, including me.

The party was at a rented Airbnb. We were sad to see the landlord kayaking back.

Coincidentally, Diego was in the area too. We met up with him when the party was over.

The world is small. We met Roby, who turns out to be related to a close friend from NU.

We ended the night with pasta and gelato around Little Italy.

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