Monterey Bay

The first weekend after I got back to the US, Amol and Annabelle invited us to drive down to Monterey with them. Because of the fires, and because of COVID, we weren’t sure the trip was going to work out, but it did, and I took a ton of photos.

We stayed right next to the water, which was great. We could hear the waves all night.

Annabelle and Amol.

Amol brought a whole bar, which turned out to be a very smart decision. Bars and restaurants closed early, so we stayed up drinking and playing cards.

The next day, I woke up before everyone else, and went to get some coffee. I saw a lot of outdoor barber shops and salons.

People in Monterey are really into their Steinbeck.

Sea lions are sausage shaped.


Cannery row was less interesting than I expected.

Part of the appeal of the trip was to go whale watching. We were out in the ocean for almost 3 hours. It was cold.

At least we got to see these guys.

Being on the boat felt pretty safe, and distanced. For the most part people were wearing masks.

The lone whale we saw after two and a half hours at sea. I kinda get Ahab’s thing now.

We had dinner in Carmel. The gallery sheep seemed to be doing a good job of socially distancing.

Of course, no good weekend trip can be complete without the rental car having some kind of issue. We freaked out because the car wouldn’t open, but with some help from the internet we figured things out.

We went back to Carmel to have brunch, and spent the day there before heading back to SF

Yes, that’s ash.

We walked to the beach. The houses looked really nice. Hannah insisted that I looked too creepy pointing my zoom lens at people’s windows.

Encouraging. Even the cookies had masks.

We got some pastries, and headed home.

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