Vax'd Travel: Vegas, Boston, North Bay

Fully vaccinated, and with most of the US reopening, it was time to get back on the road.

First, our friend group planned a trip to Vegas, then we went to visit my family in Boston, and lastly we went on a short road trip in the North Bay. I took photos everywhere.

In Vegas, we were staying at the Venetian. I couldn’t stop thinking about how very artificial and premium mediocre everything around us felt.

People seemed into it, though.

Neeraj decided to join us last minute and it was great to reconnect with him before he left SF.

Berlin Zach

Chicago Zach


The Strip is strange. There’s opulence and joy and mixed with and homelessness and despair. Much like San Francisco, poverty is very much in your face in Vegas, but the contrast seems even starker.

I already knew Vegas wasn’t going to be my thing, but at least I got to have a good time with friends.

And then there was Boston.

I love playing with city windows and polarizers.

My mom didn’t want me to take this photo. I’m glad I did.

These guys asked me to take a photo using their disposable camera. Then, they insisted I had to take their photo with my own camera, too. Sure, why not.

Maya and the kids.

Hannah probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the trip half as much if Rollo hadn’t been there, too.

Back to California, Natasha and Leon came to visit and took us across the Golden Gate Bridge. We rented an Airbnb in Nicasio and went on hikes after work.

Cows are less passive than they seem.

The drought is real.

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