Film, II

Like last time, the full roll of 36 is below, only slightly edited.

We went up to Marin for a goodbye barbecue for Ben and Maizie. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the two of them, but here’s a street sign.

The crew went on a quick hike, led by Ben’s mom.

Tank made some friends. He’s the dog.

I don’t remember if Danny or Ben took this. For a second I was not sure who was the guy in the photo. I never wear hats.

Good job, guys.

Back in the Mission.

Time for the Super Bowl.

Manfred’s old stomping grounds.

Walking around Bend.

The crew.


Fine alley dining.

The crew, again.

If this is reminiscent of my other Bend post, it is not a coincidence.


Back in California, this time in Pacifica, above the fog line.

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