Film, I

For fun, and to force a creative constraint upon myself, I bought an old film camera. This is the first roll I’ve shot on film since I was twelve, or so.

It’s an odd experience to not be able to immediately tell if a photo will be any good. Carrying a film camera made me think a lot more about what I was shooting. Usually, I’d take the same photo 10 times with slightly different settings, and cut down nine out of ten photos.

The full roll of 36 is below, only slightly edited.

Of course, my first shot was Hannah.

Playing with textures

Could have been years ago. Who reads newspapers these days, anyway?

She’s scared of heights.


Little houses.

The Pacific.

Sutro from The Richmond.

Ocean Beach.

The Pacific, again.

Hannah, again.

The LEGO architect.

The Mission.


Bernal Hill.

Sutro from Bernal.

The city.

La Esperanza.


The Light House.

Bernal Heights.

A Mission corner store.

Cafe Bustelo.

Go Cats?

Hidden Sutro from Valencia.

The Presidio.


Golden Gate layers.

Crissy Field.

Torpedo Wharf.

The Bay.

City Hall, from Fulton.

Maizie’s guitar, our books.

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