Q1 Hikes

A collection from the last few months around the Bay Area.

Friends moving to SF, family members visiting, and great weather are all good excuses for day trips around here.

This might have been Zach’s first SF hike. Meanwhile, it was snowing in Chicago.

They were talking about something boring. Probably sports. It’s always sports.

I spilled some water.

Max and Einat came to vist us. They tried running up Potrero Hill. Einat gave up.

"I look tiny in this photo"

Einat loved Hayes Valley.

Photo credit goes to Einat here.

This is a Max classic sound: “ehhhhhhhh”.

Another one by Einat.

"I wish there was something like this in Boston."

Carboni. Not sure what was going on here.

We went to Lands End with these guys.

An aspiring pianist.

A few weeks later we went to Marin with Danny, Ben, and Mazie. This is on the way there.

"Do we look like a Patagonia ad?"

This is on the way back.

Back to Land’s End, different weekend, now with Hannah’s parents and brothers.

Not sure what was going on there.

We got lunch with Hannah’s aunt and uncle, and on the way back stopped at Pillar Point, aka Mavericks.

As if Lands End and Mavericks on a single day had not been enough, we also went to Fort Funston.

Apparently I’m a wolf whisperer. I was out there taking photos and suddenly five huskies were running around me, and wanted to play.

Yup, this dude was walking his rock.

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