H1 '23 Variety Pack

It’s been a while since my last post. Here are photos from lots of travel, with a mix of film and digital from the first half of the year (plus a bonus last week of ‘22).

We start out in Chicago, go to San Francisco, then Yosemite, Austin, back to Chicago, then the North Bay, more SF, Phoenix, and more SF. I feel lucky I get to travel this much.

It was good to go back to the Art Institute

Funny how after shooting film for a couple of years, going back to digital feels so meh. In Hannah’s words, it looks worse than from an iPhone.

The Tadao Ando room made me think of Einat.

This dude asked for my instagram from across the station. I didn’t have one just for my photo work, so I made one.

Kumiko was overpriced, but excellent.

Pure joy.

Kathleen wanted to get in there.

Johnny Mature + Riley.

Back in the usual stomping grounds.

An unexpected find in the middle of the city.

Never gets old

Fun puddle experiments after the storms.

We had our first winter camping in Yosemite.

Nick and Alex tagged along.

And we followed that with a visit to Austin.

The Continental was probably my favorite thing we did there all weekend.

Although the trash palace, aka the Cathedral of Junk came in a close second.

When we were in Mexico, Amol kept telling us about the sotol distilleries in Austin, so it was fun to be able to visit.

These two haven’t changed much.

That was Austin.

And then, rainy Chicago, for a failed endeavor.

It rained a lot in the Bay Area this spring, so everything was green.

Looks like a VC lives in Point Reyes.

Not Cheda, probably.

Happy cows.

The artist at work.

I love how the colors came out here.

Then I traveled to Phoenix for family events.

We got to visit Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s desert experiment.

And of course, Sedona

The views are stunning. I want to go back and hike a lot.

The Ferry Building and Shack15 are pretty. It’s impossible to take a perfect photo here, though.

Spring had sprung.

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