Puerto Viejo

I was just in Costa Rica for my brother’s wedding. The trip was amazing, but somehow I only ended up taking photos when we went to the beach. It was my first time in the Caribbean side of the country, and we had a lot of fun.

You can read some more in-depth commentary on the cultural aspect of my trip and some of the realizations I had during it here.

The drive from San José is long, so we got there late in the afternoon, just in time for a sunset walk along the beach.

As soon as we got there, we saw the dead fish. No one had an explanation, but hundreds if not thousands of these little puffers were all over the coast.

The way the light hit the ocean lent itself to many texture experiments.

These little black spheres stuck on the rocks are snails. They are all over the place.

This guy was walking around with his dogs. I should have asked him for a portrait.

Puerto Viejo at night.

We went to the Jaguar Rescue Center and met Pistachio. Ironically, they have no jaguars.

This kid was trying to be Pistachio.

After several trips to Costa Rica, Hannah finally met a sloth. After crying when she saw one through binoculars last time, being 10 feet away from this guy and slightly freaking out didn’t seem that emotional.

We walked back to our hotel to pick up the car and go to Manzanillo.

There were some really cool views, but my expectations were also very high. Overall, I think it is more worth it to visit Manuel Antonio, on the Pacific coast, than the Southern Caribbean.

Poor little puffer.

More experiments with textures.

Sun shining through the canopy in Manzanillo.

And it was time to go back.

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