Outside Lands, again (again)

Outside Lands has become one of those San Francisco events that I look forward to all year for the opportunity to take portraits. Thousands of happy people pour into Golden Gate park for a weekend of music and fun. It is kind of crazy that this is my fourth time there.

Somehow, I took 1300 photos over the weekend, so curating and editing them was an impossible task. If you know I took your photo, and you can’t see it here, reach out and I’ll send you a copy.

You might have seen my 2015 and 2016 sets already, but if not, I definitely recommend it after you’re done with these!

We started day one having brunch with Lily. She and Hannah convinced me to bike to the festival instead of taking public transit, and it was a great idea.



"Hey Mr. Camera Man, come take a photo and dance with us!"

Some girl that showed up.

Day two.

Team onesie.

She thought I was asking if she could take a photo of me. Once I explained that I wanted a photo of her, she could not stop smiling.

Tyler (Taylor?) who I met at the bathroom line. He had lots of questions about what it is like to work in software in SF.

Zach stole my camera for a bit.

This was my second time seeing the Avett Brothers. They unexpectedly did a Chris Cornell tribute, and played Black Hole Sun 👌

I randomly ran into Bego and her cousin. She moved back to México recently, and I had no idea she’d be there, so seeing her in the crowd was very confusing. And awesome.

Dylan. Just a jerk.

Cedric. Just another jerk.


Brittany and Nathan, who were standing at the right place and the right time.

Ladies enjoying Metallica.

Sometimes Hannah gets in the way.

I made the mistake of keeping my polarizer on for the concert, which led to all sort of strange glare artifacts. Not sure if I’m happy or sad about that accident.

Maybe remove.

Day three. On our way in we ran into Lily’s friends Raena and Thomas.

"Should I keep the cigarette, or not?"

Few things are as fun…

…as randomly running into friends.


That’s one hell of a totem.

We laughed at this shirt. The back of it was even better.

Team tiger.

Nick found us at Beerlands. For some reason he thought that walking from 22nd St. Caltrain all the way to Golden Gate Park was a sensible idea.

"Take a picture of us being in love."

Bleachers insisted that people should get on their friends shoulders. We follow instructions well. (Photo credit goes to Nick.)

Team hacky sack.

Nikolai. He caged the elephant. He also told me about how in the 70s he went to The Who’s “farewell” tour. A true fan.

It’s odd how by now I have started taking photos of the same people, years apart.

Yup, he still does that.

She didn’t believe me when I said I’d post her photo at itookyourphoto.today. Well, I did.

Teenage wasteland.

And that was the end of Outside Lands 2017.

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