San Francisco Walks

This set of photos is a mixed bag. Some of them have been sitting in my archive for almost a year, and some I took just a couple of weeks ago. They’re also a mixed bag in terms of quality, but editing is not my strong suit - I have a really hard time cutting.

I took this photo around the block from my apartment after going to the Walker Evans exhibit at SFMOMA. Among other things, Evans is known for his shots of storefronts, which show a snapshot of culture at a given place and time in a way that few other images can.

Same here.

I’ve taken variations of this photo probably twenty times or more. I always think I could do better.

I made a mess.

This was the first half-decent photo I took with the 70-300mm lens Richard lent me. It’s not a great picture, but the lights of Bernal Hill look interesting all the way zoomed in from my window.

I don’t remember where we were going.

It’s odd how walking around with a DSLR makes people randomly ask you to take photos of them.

I have a thing for doors.


Ah, San Francisco.

Walking around Valencia for Sunday Streets we ran into Ilana Crispi’s project, Mission Dirt. She’s digging the dirt under her apartment in the Mission, turning it into ceramics, and looking at the soil as a way to examine local history, geology, and story of place.

More Sunday Streets, please.

On the day of the World Cup final, we went to Dolores Park. We could hear the French fans’ songs echoing through The Mission as we got closer.

I ran into Yoav’s lost French cousin.

This side of the park was much quieter.

Leaving the office at the right time can sometimes lead to great lighting.

This is the lobby of the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center, where the PyBay conference was heald a couple of months ago. As usual, the conversations were insightful, and I enjoyed my time there. I volunteered to take photos of the event, which you can find here.

The Salesforce tower still looks a bit out of place in the city. I’m always surprised how it sneaks into view in all sorts of locations.

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