Outside Lands, take two

Well, “take two” isn’t really fair. I’ve actually been to the festival three times. I hope you’ll see a jump in quality from last year’s.

Pretty crazy how people are willing to be photographed due to the air of professionalism of a DSLR in ways that a smartphone camera wouldn’t allow. As I asked people to take their photos, they would constantly ask things like “Where will these be published?” or “What site are you taking the photos for?” and were oddly surprised when I told them it was for a personal blog. The camera is both a bridge and a barrier.

If you came looking for a specific photo, and it isn’t here, reach out and I’ll happily send it your way. 600 was a lot to post at once.

Getting past these guys was a feat every time.

Winners of the “Best Totem We Saw” award

This is Zach. He was watching the Lany show right behind us. Somehow, during the show I figured out that Lany actually stands for Los Angeles/New York.

Funny how taking a game, and making it larger can give you a completely different experience.

This guy reminded me of Yoav.

Gotta catch ‘em all!

Possibly the best picture I’ve ever taken.

LCD Soundsystem put on a good show.

Taking the N-Judah back was an adventure. And there was evening, and there was morning — the first day.

Zach, as he prayed for bacon wrapped chorizos.

Roby, being Roby, didn’t want her picture taken. I still did.

I believe her name was Rachel. She kept closing her eyes.

I exchanged a hug for a photo. Good deal.

Radiohead. I had unreasonably high expectations, but sadly the new album is too quiet and slow to be good concert material. End of day two.

This is Adina. She has gone to Outside Lands with her dad the last 9 years.

I am surprised Lily could do this. I didn’t even try.

One of my favorite portraits. It is interesting how many emotions a picture of a stranger can show.

This guy was very happy about his band playing the Gastromagic stage. If I am not mistaken, they are Mustache Harbor.

She was very excited that I asked her for a photo, and we ended up taking like 5 or 6 different ones.

Zach again, and again.


And that was that. Day three.

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