Surprise, you're in Costa Rica now!

I had to arrange a last minute trip home to renew my visa in order to go to a different trip later this year. Now I am stuck here for a few days. Hopefully I won’t have enough time to do another set of Costa Rica photos, but who knows.

These guys are the answer to “what do you miss from home?” Seeing them only once every few months makes me think a lot about time and how quickly it goes by.

This wind farm was built after I left Costa Rica, and it quickly became a photo-op location. Hannah and I went up there after having lunch with my family.

Many people go there just to hang out and take in the views.

We stayed until sunset.

We went for a couple of days to Manuel Antonio. The beach was surprisingly empty.

One of the main attractions of this beach is that its full of monkeys.

I really wish I had taken this a few seconds earlier.

Like, really full of monkeys.

Monkeys, and people doing their own thing.

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