Time Travel Variety Pack

One of the curious things about shooting film is that it’s warped the way I think about time and place. I used to be able to map the trips I took and the things I did fairly linearly to the photos I’d take out of my DSLR – lined with metadata and GPS tags. Film isn’t like that. Rolls are started and half finished in one place, then continued halfway across the world a month or two later. By the time I drop them off at the shop, I have no idea what they will develop for me. It’s kinda like time travel.

This set has been brewing for a while, and mixes a few rolls of film from different places along with digital shots.

Back at Elixir with Amol. Unfortunate timing.

Somewhere in Pac Heights.

Somewhere in Napa.



Back in the Mission.

Through the plexiglass at Sightglass.

Lazy dogs in New York, November ‘21.

Sari and Michelle, admiring the clouds.

Nothing like good old density.

I guess AC units sticking out make for good shadows.

San Diego in January. Say Less.

On my way to see Anna and the Interintellect folks I stopped for couple of photos.

The Interval.

Sunny Dolores.



Bernal, because why not.

A date with the fog.

Xochimilco, during our trip to CDMX earlier this year.

Too many people told us we had to come to this place.

They were right. We learned that the bigger the trompo, the better the tacos.

She was happy.

Sometimes the sun hits the murals in the Mission at the right angle and you get some really funky colors.

Old friends at Precita.

We went to Chicago for Matt and Danielle’s wedding. Walking back from brunch, and on our way to get ready for the event, we ran into the happy couple taking photos on the street. Of course, I snapped one.

We went on a cold walk with Hannah’s family.

Hard cut to Yosemite.

From Artist’s point, the sun was hitting Bridalveil Fall just right.

We made a pile of art.

On day two we got a lot of rain.

Next up was Upper Yosemite Falls. It was snowy up there.

We biked to the Palace of Fine Arts and stopped along the way.

I met Chuck right outside The Page, and of course I had to ask for his portrait. He obliged.

Family fun.

As you’d expect from any good museum visit with me, Hannah had to wait until I read every single plaque. At least this time she had brought her Kindle, and it was a nice sunny day out.

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