New York, 2021

After a weekend in Philly, our Thanksgiving trip continued with my family in New York City. My mom flew in from Costa Rica, while Max and Einat drove from Boston with Rollo in the back. Hopefully next time Danny, Caro and the kids will get to join us.

I also brought my film camera, so expect a few stragglers to come from that in a second post later on.

Feels good to be back together.

"The new dawn blooms as we free it, for there is always light, if only we are brave enough to see it – if only we are brave enough to be it." - Amanda Gorman

We grabbed coffee with Dana, and had deep conversations about past and future.

The Bean moved spots.


Taking photos of this guy is too easy. Max and Einat… not so much.

Little Island was super cool.


Half the set is from this day. Perhaps Little Island was too cool.

The Vessel.

We biked across the Brooklyn Bridge and hung out in Dumbo.

This guy was making friends…

…with this guy.

Billboard reflections ftw.

We’ll hang out soon.

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