New Years in Chicago

For the first time in several years, I did not go home to Costa Rica to celebrate the new year. Instead, we went to Chicago, and while we had packed expecting the polar vortex, the city welcomed us with warmth. So did our friends.

Oddly, this time around my photographs show way more of the city’s character than on my previous trip. Perhaps I’ve started to appreciate Chicago more, being away.

I couldn’t sleep after my red eye, so I went to take some photos around Water Tower.

I was supposed to meet Leon for breakfast. Since he didn’t wake up, I went for the windows.

Eventually he woke up. So much for sleep training software.

Three views, one building.

While taking photos around Trump tower, a rando middle aged white guy got in my face about how he knew I was “up to no good” and “should go back to [my] country.” It was the first time I ever had such an encounter since I moved to the US, and one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had.

“Yeah, I kid you not.”

Ran into this guy. As if we didn’t see him enough in SF.

Hannah likes to get close to the camera.

I stole this one from Leo, but to be fair, I used to walk next to it every day before he even thought of taking it.

Hannah’s friend Gabbi invited us to her comedy show.

She’s the one on the right.

Hello, Alan.

Why go to a club if you can celebrate New Years in comfort?

Happy 2017. Last year was good. May this year bring even better things.

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