Back to Chicago

After four years living in Evanston, and a year away, returning to Chicago was strange. Very strange. I am sad that I didn’t take more photos of the city, with its architecture and its urban landscapes, but I am glad that the reason why I did not do it was that I had too many people to see.

We stayed at Hannah’s grandma’s place downtown.

We started our trip eating ramen with these two.

It had been a while since we were all in the same room.

It was Friday, so we walked with Leon, who keeps Shabbat.

I don’t think its legal for him to be in these photos.

Heels were not conducive to long walks. We stopped more than once.

Hannah took my camera from time to time.

As usual, Maduro insisted on making pancakes and brunch for everyone.

The old roommates wanted a photoshoot. I tried my best.

However, I still like the candid shots better.

Leon works at the Cards Against Humanity office now. It is a really cool space.

Jeff made us coffee, and then left for a call. He didn’t make the picture.

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