KDD 2019

KDD 2019

I had the opportunity to go to KDD in Anchorage this past August. Since my team has incrementally moved our systems away from Python as our main language, I asked my manager whether it’d make sense for me to go to PyCon again (see my notes from 2016 and 2018), or if there’d be a more relevant conference that I should look out for this season. She suggested a few options, and KDD was one of them. I didn’t know much about it, but its focus on analytics meant that there would surely be pieces that were relevant to my day to day, and since it was Apple’s first year sponsoring it, there was extra motivation to attend.

The fact that it was held in Alaska was another selling point - almost every day after the conference, I did some hiking around Anchorage, and I went to Denali the weekend after. Check out the full photo album on my other blog post.

I met a bunch of interesting people there, and I particularly enjoyed the closing ceremony dinner, as I ended up talking with a pretty diverse group of people. Our conversations touched on cultural differences and ethical problems of computer science. We talked for hours, and the topics spanned everything from the and the implications of artificial intelligence on what we consider to be a person, to objectivity and its sources, and more. That evening was great.

Most of the talks and events that I went to at the conference were related to system evaluation, experimentation frameworks, and classic information retrieval/search problems. A lot of it went over my head, but that was the point of being there! Below are some of my notes on the most interesting papers I learned about and events I attended.

AB Experimentation/System Evaluation

Search specific papers

You can check out the full list of papers here. If there’s anything on these topics that I missed, or which you think I could be interested in, let me know!

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