Back in Chicago

There are always good reasons to keep going back to Chicago. This time, it was for Hannah’s cousin’s wedding.

We landed really late on Thursday night, and spent all of Friday seeing people.

We even saw people in things.

After a few cups of coffee, and lunch, we headed back to Chicago. This train was going the other way.

This guy seemed happy to see us.

Wrong city.

This feels crooked, but I could not get it just right. One of the perils of taking photos while walking around with friends, and not carrying a tripod.

We finally had a chance to eat at Girl & the Goat, and by mere luck, we got to sit at the chefs’ table. It was a great experience to see all the stuff that happens behind the scenes. We even got a dish on the house because the chef right in front of us said we messed up by not ordering his favorite - the lamb ribs - and it ended up being our favorite, too.

All hands were on deck, and the energy was through the roof. These people know what they are doing.

Sunday was also Evanston day. There are a ton of new buildings on campus. It’s weird to go back

The Lakefill is still the same old.

It was too hot, and this little guy needed to splash around.

Note to self: take more photos of your friends on your next trip to see your friends. They make for good memories later on.

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