Well, here’s a random set of stuff. Costa Rica, San Francisco, and México.

My friend Leo. This is the only photo in this set from my trip to Costa Rica. We were about to have some chicken tortilla soup.

Back in SF. Too many pigeons around the corner from Hannah’s.

Although I’ve lived in the Mission for almost two years now, I had never walked on Clarion Alley. Definitely a place worth checking out.

Not the strangest thing I’ve found on the ground in SF.


This is Jake. He invited us on a hike to Fort Funston.

This is his dog Alex. He’s the main reason we agreed, and Jake knows that.

The landscapes here reminded me a lot of my trip to Alamere Falls a few months ago.

Timing is everything. Most times.

Mérida is a strange town. It feels stuck in time.

Sadly I did not take enough photos while I was there.

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