The Last Two Weeks

Summer in San Francisco is great. On most days, the city gets cold and foggy, so it is better to stay inside. Luckily, an hour or two away there are endless warm options to get away to. I definitely took advantage of it these past weeks.

We started off the weekend with some after-work drinks with these guys. There was an awesome old dog, too.

We had a few beers at Triple Voodoo.

Then we moved on to the jerky bar.

On Saturday morning we took the ferry to Angel Island. Hannah freaked out on the way there, thinking we wouldn’t make it in time.

George turned out to be a skilled clementine peeler.

Similar to Ellis Island in the East Coast, Angel Island was an immigration center during the early 20th century. Now, there is a museum and a few outdoor pieces about the institutional racism and xenophobia of the time where the detention facility used to be. One wishes this kind of discrimination were anachronistic, and long over, but it is easy to relate these conflicting narratives about freedom to the present.
Sadly fitting for the week that followed. The U.S. is a strange country.

Hannah got in the way of a good picture.

Capturing movement is really hard, especially when it is so bright out.

A photo of the bridge, where the bridge is not the subject.

The island has amazing 360 views of San Francisco, Oakland and the North Bay. This is Belvedere.

It was a fun crew.

The view from Hannah’s roof is better when it isn’t foggy. I went up there on Friday before making dinner. It was foggy.

You could not even see the top of Bernal Hill.

Next weekend, I was invited to Alamere Falls. We were a large group (almost 20!) from all over Latin America. Sadly, I didn’t take pictures of the people I hiked with. It’s hard when everyone is walking.

The hike was nice and easy, up until the very end. That’s when we had to go climb down this.

But this was our reward, so it was worth it.

No one goes in the water here. Too cold to enjoy it.

Going up was easier than going down.

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