Here and There

It has been a while since my last post, so here is some random stuff from the last month and a half around San Francisco.

I bike past these doors almost daily. They are odd.

Someone left their love in the Mission.

People at Dolores park being Dolores park people.

I am still sad they never have green mango.

She wasn’t too happy about me taking this picture. Sadly for her, she was sitting on the street.

Sometimes things break.

Hannah took the LSAT last week, so we went to UCSF the day before so that she could see the building where the test would be held. This was it.

In SF, even the bus stops are artsy.

A couple of friends and I started an “Article Club,” and today was our first meeting. We talked about this, and decided that from now on, what we read can’t be about tech. After our coffee, we walked up to Kite Hill. The stranger in the photo is not part of the club.

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