Los Angeles, 2022

On a whim, we decided to drive down to Southern California for the long weekend. I didn’t take many photos, except for our day at the Getty Center.

We were supposed to stay in Santa Monica, but things got shuffled around.

Luckily, Henry took us in.

We saw Hannah’s friend Gabbi and her boyfriend, Jon, and then walked around Echo Park.

The next day, we were going to the Getty, and had to kill some time. Hannah randomly picked a short hike in the mountains across the highway. Do not recommend.

We did the architecture tour, which was short and sweet. I loved all the abstract curves and reflections.

Hannah wasn’t thrilled with me stopping to take photos every few steps. She wanted to see more art.

Whoever thought of building the canals in Venice Beach, California was a psycho.

Venice is a vibe, though.

I grabbed a bike and went to Santa Monica to grab lunch with Danny.

He convinced me that driving back on 101 was a good idea, and it was. Maps detoured us through San Marcos Pass, which made for some pretty cool mountain views.

The drive was long, but very much worth it.

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