San Diego

Although I’ve lived in California for almost 7 (!) years, I had never been to San Diego. This New Years, we planned a trip there.

It is kind of disingenuous to start a blog post titled “San Diego” with a photo from Santa Monica, but here we are. We flew from Chicago into LAX to meet up with Danny and Ali, and drove South with them.

We stayed in Mission Beach.

Christmas was over.

La Jolla was pretty nice.

The Taco Stand was really good. Their pastor was probably the best I’ve had in the US (somehow I still haven’t been able to find a good one in SF). I think the fresh tortillas were the secret.

We walked in the rain. A lot.

Balboa Park crew.

Out of focus Hannah.

Old Town was very strange. It’s kind of a tourist trap, but also a potentially interesting historical site. 2/10 on execution.

We didn’t go in, but we did walk around the Junipero Serra museum

Hannah insisted on going to the Zoo.

The Cabrillo tide pools were a good find. We ended up spending hours hiking around the beach. We ended up losing our friends without any cell service, and some of us were more worried about it than others.

Hannah the explorer.

After leaving our Airbnb, we carried our luggage around town. Danny and Ali headed back to LA, and th rest of us stayed back to have brunch here. Then we we went back to Balboa Park for a bit more walking around.

At dinner we realized our flight back to SF got cancelled. It was a bummer, but at least we got an extra day to hang out with these two. Sadly, I didn’t take more photos.

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