Camping in the Headlands

After far too long since our last camping trip, Hannah and I decided to spontaneously book one for the upcoming weekend. There happened to be an opening at Bicentennial Campground in Marin, a tiny 3-site campsite near Point Bonita.

This was the view just a few steps away from our campsite. The campground is super close to the city, so we literally Ubered in.

We set up camp and started hiking, just as the fog rolled in.

Facing one direction, things were gray…

…and on the other, a lot clearer.

It was really nice to see how many people were enjoying themselves at Rodeo Beach that morning. It was a diverse crew, too.

Karl, just Karl’ing around.

There was a team of search and rescue volunteers training on the cliffs.


It hadn’t been raining recently, so I was very confused about the source of this stream. There was a lot of running water.


Back at the campsite, we had very late lunch.

Hannah insisted that we go to Point Bonita to see the sunset instead of heading there the next morning. It was totally worth it.

Back at the campsite, we found some friends. There was also a racoon who kept getting uncomfortably close to us, but I didn’t take any photos of him. We named him Charles.

The main perk of Bicentennial Campground is this view. Unfortunately, thick fog rolled in not too long after this, and the downside of being right next to the lighthouse is that when there’s fog, the foghorns turn on. We slept like shit.

Hannah woke up happy, though. Now it was time for the actual hike - we were walking all the way back to our apartment.

We really lucked out with the weather.

We came from down there.

It feels good to have your target so clearly in front of you, and seeing progress through the hike.

We made it to the bridge.

Eight miles in, we made it to the Presidio and stopped for brunch. Everyone around us must have thought we were insane.

A cool mural in Hayes.

The sun was setting by the time we made it home. We’d backpacked 13 miles.

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