Italia II - Firenze

When planning our trip, I was somewhat disappointed that we’d only spend a day in Florence. Knowing it’s a place that I’ll end up going back to on my own, I didn’t try too hard to convince my friends to change our plans - realistically the villa thing won’t happen again, but the museums will be waiting for me in a few years.

Next time, I’ll spend a bit more than 12 hours there.

This is the second in a series shared throughout Fall 2021. When you’re done here, make sure to also check out parts one, three, four, and five.

Street art in Florence was suprisingly cool.

Danny insisted we had to have lunch at All’Antico Vinaio. It didn’t disappoint.

The peoplewatching was good, too.

Perhaps this was the most COVID conscious place of all the cities we visited.

Of course, after our first meal of the day and a shot of espresso we went straight to see this guy.

There’s something odd about wandering through a museum and walking past a piece without giving it a second thought. Each one of these busts is just one more unnamed statue in the collection, but someone put sweat and tears into shaping them so I could walk past the shelf on my way to see David. Curation and narratives rule everything around us.

As we walked aimlessly through the city, we ran into the set for HBO’s My Brilliant Friend. If you haven’t seen it yet, the show is quite good.

This area is surveiled by the anarchists.

I wasn’t expecting to see monetary policy graffiti.

Lunch by the Arno.

Our next museum of the day was the Uffizi.

The museum was endless, and knowing we were not going to be able to go through the whole collection we decided to go for a glass of wine in their rooftop bar as the day started to wind down.

I wish I had taken one more step back before clicking the shutter.

There was a suprising number of South Asian people working in the downtown area. This was also true in Rome and Naples and other cities we visited. There’s an interesting migration story here which I’d love to know more about.

This image of Federico da Montefeltro sent me on a quest, and after some research I found Blub.

The sunset light was hitting Il Duomo just right.

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