Yosemite, 2021

Half an hour after my farewell happy hour at Apple, I hopped on a car and drove to Yosemite. I took too many photos.

I took advantage of having a bit of free time (I took a week to recharge between jobs) and tried to learn more Lightroom. This is the first set I ever edit only with Lightroom, and I learned a few tricks, but I’m still getting the hang of it. A lot of these photos are too saturated, and after uploading them and seeing them in a different setting I can see a few details that need to be corrected. I’d love to hear critiques of the post-processing, if you have any.

We started our Yosemite trip at Hetch Hetchy. I had never been to the North end of the park.

The dam is pretty impressive.

What a crew. Every time I’ve been to Yosemite it’s been with Hannah and Amol. It was Annabelle’s first trip there.

I love the patches of color from wildflowers and moss and grass.

The little fall, Wapama.

A nice spot to relax.

The big fall, Rancheria.

California, drought, 2021.

I stole this reflection shot from Hannah, who saw it first.

I really liked these pink/yellow flowers. A bit of research taught me they are called Harlequin Lupines.

After a 13.5 mile hike, we were all strenou’d.

Baby boots.

Tunnel View never disappoints.

Learning how to make ripples in the water.


The crew, again.

Upper Yosemite Falls.

We had a picnic at the meadow across from El Capitan. The wall of granite is wild. We played spot the climbers and talked about the insanity of Alex Honnold. Naturally, we watched Free Solo when we got back to SF that night.

Now you see me.

Now you don’t.

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