The Crosstown Trail

Back in November, when we could still go outside and interact with other people, a new trail opened in San Francisco: The Crosstown Trail, a 17 mile hike in the middle of the city hitting a bunch of neighborhoods and local businesses, climbing to many lookout points, and cutting through multiple parks, large and small. It wasn’t hard to convince our friends to hike it.

We met really early at Candlestick Point, the Southeasternmost point in the city. For some reason, Ben decided to wear corduroys.

The first chunk of the hike was pretty barren, and I’d probably start out in Visitacion Valley if I do it again. It definitely feels like the trail starts where it does to check off a box. We literally had to walk through an office park.

We walked through several community gardens, and met many locals, like this corgi.

The hike up McLaren Park was rough.

Girlfriend Apartment, the early days.

Maizie, hanging out next to the Glen Park Recreation Center.

Sutro, performing at 66%.

I did not know that Grandview Park existed. Next time someone is visiting on a clear sunny day we’ll surely try to go there, because the views are amazing.

Corduroys didn’t stop him from climbing.

This should be denser. Sorry, not sorry.

Pensive Zach.

After a pit stop at a grocery store for snacks, we made it to Golden Gate Park.

No clue what was going on here. Some kind of chant, probably.

After cutting through GGP, we walked through Presidio Boulevard, and then through a weird alley. We knew we were headed toward Baker Beach, but this view came out of nowhere.

It never gets old.

It’s just the tip.

Not too different from the sunset shots in the New York Times’ article about the Trail.

Our hike was a good way to spend a Saturday. We made it out of Land’s End by sunset, and walked over to the Cliff House for some well deserved drinks.

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