Disneyland, 2019

During one of our many hikes, a few friends were saying they’d love to go down to Southern California for a Disneyland trip. A few weeks later our friend Ben reached out to ask whether we’d go if he organized the trip as a surprise for his girlfiend Maizie’s birthday. I wasn’t too excited about it, but between him and Hannah I was talked into it, and signed up.

We left on a Friday evening after work, and spent the weekend enjoying the parks. I was skeptical, but it ended up being a ton of fun.

These two, doing whatever they were doing at the airport.

Getting on the shuttle to the car rental place was a disaster. We ended up getting on the wrong one on purpose, because the one for our rental place didn’t come for far too long. The walk wasn’t too bad.

Ben got a ridiculously large van.


Ben did a pretty good job getting in and out of places, considering how insanely large this thing was.

Lines are insane from the very beginning. At least Zach was entertained.

The pot stirrer, stirring the pot.


Maizie wasn’t a fan of Splash Mountain.

Just kidding, she was.

Galaxy’s Edge, the area of the park devoted to Star Wars, was insanely well executed. Here’s a detail of the Millenium Falcon.

Pew pew.

The beginning of one of the strangest bits I’ve heard these guys come up with. Nuts.

Mr. Mole and Mr. Amol.

Also Amol.

The fireworks show at the end of the night was as crazy as I remember them from the few times I went to Disney World as a kid. This time around there was just a lot more Frozen.

The touching knees.

Maizie’s friend Steven joined us for the second day at California Adventures.

We didn’t know it yet, but apparently it was Dapper Day.


By far the best ride we went on the whole weekend. We got Hyman to ride it twice, but not Hannah.

People weren’t too happy when they realized the Cars ride had broken down. The line ended up being over two hours, but luckily we had fast passes.

I had not realized that Ballast Point was big enough to have a brewpub at a place like Downtown Disney, but apparently they are one of the largest breweries in the US based on sales volume. We went there for a few snacks and our last round of drinks.

Disneyland was a pleasant surprise. Not going back soon, but I’d do this again.

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