Pride '18

Every year I’ve been in SF, I’ve looked forward to Pride to take photos. The set of characters that show up, the crazy outfits, and the overall level of happiness are not matched by any other event I’ve ever been to. At least in that sense, this year didn’t fail to surprise me.

This is as good place as any to insert a shameless plug for my shots from 2016 and 2017. If you haven’t seen them, go do that ;)

We spent Saturday at Dolores. "It’s like Where’s Waldo, but with shirtless men." - Hannah

Danny has never shotgunned a beer, so Zach insisted. Notice that’s not a beer.

I got yelled at for taking this photo. If you’re putting up a truck sized sign like this on a public space, you have to expect people will pay attention.

I didn’t take too many photos on Saturday, but then there was Sunday. The BART station at Civic Center was packed.

People are always surprised I want to take photos of them. This man was especially happy about it.

This is Andrea. I took this photo of him, and a few minutes later he found me in the crowd, and we had a nice conversation.

Two of my favorite outfits of the day.

"That’s a really cool shirt!" "Oh, this? I’ve had it for many years!"

These two saw me taking photos and walked up to me to ask for one. It makes me smile when people do this.

Some serious glitter beard.

Jeff. Another one who was surprised I wanted to photograph him.

This guy.

The mustache is now a tradition.

Bernie Sanders riding unicorns should be its own whole category of clothing.

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