Bay to Breakers 2018

Out of all the weird San Francisco traditions, the whole “let’s get drunk, dress up, and walk this race after the serious runners are done” one is one of my favorites. In the past, I have described the event to my friends as a city-wide Dillo Day.

Last year I missed Bay to Breakers because it coincided with a work trip to Portland, so I was glad to be there again this time.

Ben and Maizie had barely gotten keys to their new place in the city, and they were already hosting parties.

Every time I’ve been to Bay to Breakers, I’ve seen the Fell Street Porch Potatoes sign. These people are fun.

We saw a big fluffy dog. Naturally Hannah and Zach had to investigate.

Team Pizza.

The new San Francisco residents.

Team Cow.

This is an odd city. What can I say?

Partying on the street is fun.

Ah, friends.

Luckily the oompa loompas didn’t kidnap Danny.

This one might be my favorite of the whole set. There’s something about the expression on his face.

Ah, new friends.

Zach’s new profile pic.

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