December Begins

December was a busy month. A lot of our friends hosted events, and it went by super fast.

Posting December begins on the 31st has its own kind of irony, I guess.

After our trip to Costa Rica, my 50mm broke, so I bought myself a 35mm lens. This is the first photo I ever took with it.

Tech bros in their natural habitat.

Happy birthday Casey.

And then there was Santacon. Our friend Zach Hyman had just moved to SF - things are about to get confusing with two Zachs in my life.

This guy behind the window was giving Lucas shit for not having a costume, so Hannah handed him her hat. He wasn’t amused.

We went to some pop up bar near Washington Square.

They had penguins.

Then we went for a walk. It was time for Italian Homemade.

Sasha appeared out of nowhere, and coincidentally was also headed to Italian Homemade.

This girl was super excited to meet me. Apparently her goal for the day was to meet a fellow Jew.

Not sure what was going on here.

Then we headed over to Ben’s birthday. He was excited about having a keg.

It was a fun night. We stayed late, and killed the keg.

Nikhil had a BBQ on his roof. You have to walk up this little alley to get there.

We had a little friendsgiving/holiday party. I spent my time cooking and eating, so there aren’t many photos. I hope this one becomes a tradition.

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