Halloween 2017

This year for Halloween we went out in the Castro. It was a fun night, but to be honest the costumes were not as interesting or outrageous as I expected them to be.

I had planned to go to the Dia De Los Muertos event in the Mission a couple of days later, and post photos from both days in one set, but I messed up, and went to MoMa the day of instead, so you only get the Halloween photos. Sorry.

We started off at Adith’s place. For some reason I have no photos of the night until we were leaving the first bar. Ben and Maizie were Ben and Jerry. I thought David was some sort of parody of the dumpster fire that has been the US this year. Apparently that’s a Bojack Horseman character, though.

Obviously Danny was a penguin.

The steps were not kept clear.

Definitely on her way to watch Frozen

Team onesie. No idea what these guys were on.


I’m sad I didn’t focus this one right.

Badlands is an interesting place. It was so warm and sweaty that my lens started fogging up. I could barely take any photos in there.

And like all good nights in SF, we ended at a taqueria. Strangely there was table-side wrestling.

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