After many months of planning our trip to Yosemite, it finally happened. Taylor and Zoë flew in for the weekend, and on Friday evening after work we took off. We picked up Amol in the East Bay, and kept going towards the Sierra. None of us had been there before, except for Hannah.

After a long drive out of the city, we were all happy to go to sleep.

Amol is a happy dude.

As we entered the park, we were welcomed by El Capitan. Most of you are probably familiar with it only thanks to it’s Apple fame, but this thing is way more impressive in person than on your computer’s background photo. At ~3000 feet above the valley it oversees, the rock formation is massive, and it is baffling to think that people have climbed it, and that at least one person did it without ropes.

You’re not supposed to frolic in the meadows.

iPhone selfie break.

Finding a place to park once you’re in the park is tough. This was us.

We went up the Mist Trail to Vernal Fall.

Photo credit goes to Zoë.

There are scary slippery steps on the Mist Trail.

But also many rainbows.

Photo credit goes to Hannah.


…don’t let friends sit on logs.

We were not as off-the-grid as I expected.

Vernal Fall, from a different angle. The view from up here was probably my favorite, but none of my photos did it justice.

Liberty Cap is big. We all thought it was Half Dome, until we noticed it was not even close in size to the real thing.

Amol decided to splash his head in the river. Luckily this British dude was there to save him, or he would have drowned.

Indian Jesus strikes again.

Taylor got himself a new Tinder profile pic.


Crew crossing the river.

Tunnel View with crew.

Tunnel View without crew.

The view from Glacier Point in the morning.

Half Dome.

For a minute, everything the light touched was Amol’s.

We saw many deer. They couldn’t care less whether we were there or not. Taylor could care more.

I think this was a quail?

Hannah tried to catch it.

We made it up to the top of Sentinel Dome. These two seemed happy about it.

The hike was tough, but totally worth it just for this view.

Then it was time to drive back to SF.

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