For some reason, things have been quiet around here lately. I guess work has kept me busy, and I haven’t been too motivated to either take photos or share links on my blog. That’s how you get The Great Link Dump of April 2017.

I wish I had more to share of my day at the races, of my walks through the city, and of these black and white shots. Especially the black and white shots.

This post feels jumbled up. A collection of collections, thrown together due to lack of better options. I’d apologize, but its better than not posting, and I’m hoping it gets the ball rolling again.

A few weeks ago we were invited to see the horse races at Golden Gate Fields.

Some people just can’t follow rules.

Maduro was visiting that weekend.

North Berkeley BART stop. I’m sad this photo was so rushed. Could have played with the shadows a bit more.

Tucked away in an alley I walk past almost daily, is San Francisco’s Peephole Cinema. This is one of those oddities that have no good reason to exist, and nevertheless do, making the city more interesting and unique. The weekend we checked it out they were running an archive film of life in the Mission circa the 1970s, but they rotate their films often.

This is a bird.

This is a street lamp.

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