A collection

A collection of photos from the past couple of months. The first few I took for my photo class, but I never shared here, while the later ones are mostly tests of my new lens. Still getting used to it.

A good place to find a chair.

I took this photo for an assignment. We had to take a subtractive approach, removing things from the image. When I walk around here in the mornings, there are usually kids playing. Probably one of the better photos I presented to the class.

My parents visited me. We had a good time.

Ironing at Dolores, because why not?

One of my first tests with the 50mm.

This is one of those frames that you only find interesting when you’re trying to take photos without standing up from your couch.

Raf has been traveling to SF a lot lately. It has been great to spend time with him.

Nikhil moved back from China. I think it will be fun to have him around.

A Hannah, and another Hannah, and a Lucas.

I had better photos of Ben, but he didn’t let me post them.

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