Pride '16

It is amazing to live in a city like San Francisco, where people can be whoever they want to be, without worrying about what others think. It is sad that something that simple can set this city apart from the rest.

Our identities shape our lives. Might as well pick the ones that make us happy.

Be proud of who you are, whatever that may be.

We started the celebrations at Dolores, which was packed on Saturday.

Jourdin was visiting.

So was Daniel. He’s a fan of cereal.

In many ways, it is weird to ask people if you can take a picture of them. The line between appreciation and creepiness is thin. He was the first one I asked.

Taking pictures of bubbles is hard.

She asked me why I wanted to take a picture of her. I said she seemed interesting, and that I like taking pictures of happy people.

A few people who saw me with the camera asked me to take pictures of them. He was the first.

Nick was another visitor this weekend.

Daniel might have gotten himself a new profile picture.

Or two.

I know way more than I should about this guy’s sex life.

I messed up the aperture. The models were great though, so I decided to post it anyway. Hannah insisted.

Hannah made a friend while watching the parade.

This is Jerry. Jerry gave us necklaces.

Dean is 80. He has lived in San Francisco since the 50s, when he was stationed here with the Marines. He is a programmer.

It is unclear what Sam was doing with his shirt. Also unclear why Daniel was looking at Nick.

Keep loving, keep fighting.

An Australian mate.

I ran into a few fellow Apple employees. Apparently the company’s Pride group turned 30 this year.

Zach is not good at sunscreen.

We met a girl who was wearing princess stickers and no shirt. She insisted I should match with Hello Kitty stickers myself.

We should all be members of this club.

And that was Pride.

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