SF Weekends

Two weekends, one post. Mostly shot with my new 24mm 2.8f lens :)

Valencia Street was closed for traffic last weekend, so we went on a walk.

Sadly, Booglaoo’s is still closed.

Since there were no cars, many people were biking.

This dude waited half an hour in line for this baguette. So not worth it.

Bernie came to Dolores Park, in cutout form.

I almost got kicked out of a store for taking this picture. Apparently they had a “No Pictures Allowed” sign on the door.

This building in downtown San Francisco is too cool to be an H&M store. We passed by it on our way to Zach’s play.

We finally met Sarah, Zach had been telling us about her for months. Turns out she actually exists.

The Golden Gate Bridge, seen from Land’s end.

Hannah bought a camera. She’s a wannabe me.

It was Lily’s birthday, so we celebrated at Hellman Hollow. There was watermelon.

Ben gave us a lecture on alternative alcoholic beverages.

On Sunday, Diego invited us to his apartment for a BBQ.

The views were amazing.

The 80F weather was unusual for SF. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it

It is strange how city life allows you to look into the lives of others. From the outside, these apartments, all evenly sized boxes, look alike, but each one of them holds entirely different worlds. We get to peek into them from afar, and with little to no context, we imagine what life in each could be like.

Diego was definitely, totally, not looking at her butt.

Not sure what made her so sad.

But it did not last long.

I stole this idea from Hannah. She took a similar one

After sunset, we went home.

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