Links - October 28, 2015

Several comments today:

First, if you are reading the AVC posts, make sure to read them together. I think the analogy is flawed, but the underlying idea of “collecting the economic surplus of a revolution” is spot on.

Second, I’d like to thank my friend Yoav for pointing out Sapiens. I had skipped the EconTalk episode until he called it the best book he’s ever read. I trust his recommendations, even though he doesn’t trust mine.

Lastly, Politico’s website is kind of annoying, but their article about transportation-oriented development in Evanston was super interesting.

Having lived there for a good chunk of my life, I can tell first hand that Evanston doesn’t feel like a suburb. In fact, when discussing this article, I said “Evanston is actually part of the city, it is basically Chicago” and the response I got was “the fact that you think so means that the policy was successful.”

Guess so.

Links - October 27, 2015

Time Travel

Time Travel

This week’s episode of EconTalk opens with an amazing quote, which I felt was to good not to share: Continue reading...

Links - October 26, 2015

Why Medium?

Why Medium?

This week, I was surprised to see a piece by an Amazon SVP on my feed. What The New York Times Didn’t Tell You showed up months after Continue reading...

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