Hi, I’m Avy!


This is me circa 1995. You can probably tell that not much has changed.

I was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica, where I grew up in a family of engineers (yup, both of my parents, and both of my brothers). I’ve lived in the US for the past ~6 years. I live in San Francisco, and work as a software engineer at Apple, which I joined after graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in Integrated Engineering and Economics.

Way too much of my free time is spent reading, both online and off. This blog is the place where I compile my favorites for others to indulge (including future me). As you might have noticed, I also enjoy photography. It’s way easier for me to take a good photo than to write a good essay, but I’m working on improving both.

I’ve previously worked with Opternative, Enova Financial, Juntos Global and the Kellogg Research Computing Lab.

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