Just days after a short trip to Mexico earlier this year my friend Nathan got engaged, and gave me a good reason to go back to the city for his wedding. It was cool to go back and feel mostly oriented in the neighborhoods where we’d hung out last time. My brother happened to be there for a different friend’s wedding that same week, we talked our friend Amol into tagging along for a few days, and I got to see many old friends at the wedding, which made it a great experience.

Below are most of two black and white rolls I shot during the trip.

We had to switch Airbnb’s, in part because the pigeons nesting in the courtyard of the first one would not shut up.

Not all birds in Mexico City were bad, though.

I’m still amazed at the used bookstores in Mexico City. They skew towards way older and tattered tomes than most shops I’ve visited in cities across the US, Latin America, and Europe. Why? Macro/growth would make me expect the opposite: more volume of recent editions of books as people have higher levels of education and purchasing power today than when the old editions would have come out.

We were there during the World Cup. On the day of the Mexico vs. Poland game I was at a WeWork in Reforma and a startup adopted me and let me watch with them in their office, which was fun.

We went to the Castillo de Chapultepec, and we really enjoyed the history portion of it. I had no idea about Maximilian I of Mexico.

The use of public space is amazing, but also stupid. The park closes to the public at 6pm.

Obviously we went back to Orinoco.

This guy wasn’t happy I took his photo, but he also wasn’t upset, he just wanted a tip.

Inspired by Frozen.

This reminded me a bit of the Cleveland arcades, in a tropical version.

The anthropology museum was as great as expected, although a little bit repetitive.

We made the mistake of going downtown on a day where AMLO was giving a big speech. It was a mess.

For humanity / its time for the / peoples / never / no oligarchy / in Mexico nor / the world. / Knowledge, wealth, / and welfare, / heritage / of humanity.

I’ve realized I’ve been taking a lot of these electric pole with wires photos recently. Not sure why.

This guy asked me where I’m from, and then asked if I was related to Maribel Guardia.

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