Los Angeles

A couple of weeks ago we went to LA. The original plan was to go to the Grand Canyon, but it was going to be way too cold there for me to agree.

We had a lot of fun and ate great food, but overall, I’d say I didn’t like the city. It is way too spread out, and we spent roughly the same amount of time in traffic as out of it. After the fact, someone who was born and raised there told me that we should have just done one or two adjacent neighborhoods, instead of trying to hit Hollywood, Venice, Santa Monica and a couple of others all in a weekend. For me, that’s a deal breaker, but we’ll probably go back anyway. I still want to see the Getty, the Broad, and spend some time in Downtown LA, which we didn’t have the time to do this trip. Maybe we’ll pair that with a road trip down Highway 1, which is still on the to-do list.

It says Colorado, but really it’s California, that’s just the street name. Trust me.

We parked by the beach to walk on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. It was a weekday, and the parking lot was totally empty, except for the birds.

It was really foggy, and I was sad about it. Zoë noticed, because I said it at least ten times.

The Santa Monica Pier is really not worth visiting.

Somehow, this guy was there too. “I look like I belong on a show that’s called living alone in your mother’s basement and can’t find a girlfriend.” His description, not mine.

Sadly this is a Macy’s.

Hollywood is weird. We did an audio tour, and got to learn a lot about the history of how it came about, and the first theatres there. Apparently you just have to pay a lot of money to get your own star on the Walk of Fame.

Zoë pointed out that Zoé had a screening.

14 year old me would have been really excited at Amoeba music. Approximately one third of the store is pictured here.

They had an elevator.

The corn cobs in Chicago are cooler.

We went up to Runyon Canyon to take in the view of the city. I was grumpy because we missed the sunset, but it was totally worth it.

Art in the making.

Amol was there too. We met up in the morning to go walk through the Tar Pits.

They’re still in love.

We walked around LACMA, but did not go in. I kinda regret that.

Then it was time to go to the airport.

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