Pride '17

This year, my Pride weekend was very similar to last year’s. Saturday at Dolores, Sunday at the Civic Center Plaza. However, it was colder, and people seemed to be in a different mood. It was much tamer, and there were fewer naked weirdos, but there were other weirdos, like me, asking strangers for their portraits.

Sometimes, I am sad that these people will never see the photos I took of them.

Day one. We had some pre-Dolores Mission Cheese.


The caption for this was going to be a mustache emoji. Somehow, that doesn’t exist. Go complain to the Unicode Consortium.

Sasha. She also made an appearance in the 2016 edition.

Ryan. With an R, not a B.

This is a bad photo, but the subject was too good to pass up.


Boxers always look sad. Even when wearing a Pride necklace at Dolores on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Speaking of boxes.

Cat and Jenna

Lily going for the selfie.

Day two. Lucas invited us to a BBQ on his rooftop pre-parade. It was windy.

Lucas and Sasha. (Different Sasha.)

Zach being Zach.

No idea how people can sleep at events like these.


Too many questions. None asked.


The end.

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