Glen Canyon

As you know, I am reading Gary Kamiya’s Cool City of Gray Love, which talks about all sorts of amazing places in the city. One of the first few he describes, in chapter 6, was Glen Canyon:

… not only the most peculiar geographical anomaly in San Francisco -a concave feature in a convex city- it is also the least known. In any other city, a deep, wild, rocky canyon with a creek flowing through it, in almost the exact geographical center of town, would be celebrated far and wide. But even most San Franciscans have never set foot in Glen Canyon. In a city of Mystery Hills, it is the Mystery Gorge. Glen Canyon is literally a tear in the city’s fabric.

-Gary Kamiya, Cool City of Gray Love

I am happy to say, I have set foot in it.

We walked uphill from my apartment. It was steep.


Always disorienting to see Sutro Tower from a different direction. It tends to be West of me.

Since I am reading a book about random San Francisco stories, I know this rock is called franciscan radiolarian chert. Useful information.

Hannah thought I was weird for taking this picture.

It is amazing to be able to walk half an hour from my apartment, and get to places like these.

Somewhat scary that houses in San Francisco are built on pylons like these.

People here are strange.

For example, they give you kale chip recipes on the street.

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